Strategic Planning. Thoughtful Engagement.

I ran for the District 1 seat on Newark City Council because I believed my friends and neighbors were ready for meaningful change in our City. Change that develops through strategic planning and thoughtful engagement among everyone.  

Newark is a vibrant college town with a rich history. My neighbors recognize the value in innovative ideas being generated by the students and faculty at University of Delaware but strongly believe the growth of the University and that of the City should be done thoughtfully and in partnership. We need greater collaboration and compromise among members of Council to be a strong voice in the strategic planning process.

Long-time residents are here for a reason: Newark is a great place to live. But they are looking for more options that appeal to their needs: vibrant senior living and lifestyle services that allow them to continue living in the city they love.

Newark is a full-service City, committed to service excellence. My neighbors value that service, but are mindful it comes at a cost. We need to identify and encourage alternative revenue streams and additional cost savings to maintain city services while keeping taxes & fees down.